American Eagle .223

Buy American Eagle .223 55gr FMJBT Ammunition 1000rds – AE223BK.

Federal ammunition 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail (fmj-bt) ammo details

Buy American Eagle .223 : This is .223 federal american eagle 55gr. Full metal jacket boat tail ammo. This ammo is manufactured the usage of federal mil-spec brass and bullets. This ammo incorporates a crimped in sealed primer and the case mouth is sealed and has a 55gr. Cannelured bullet. It is brass cased, boxer primed, and a hundred% non-corrosive. It is bulk packed in a 1000rd. Case.

Buy American Eagle .223 : Are you a .223 shooter who needs there has been a precision grade ammunition that blanketed all of the capabilities of high-fee manufacturers at a rate that won’t make you fear approximately how tons your day on the variety become going to fee? If so, then we propose you purchase a bulk percent case of this 223 remington ammunition from federal american eagle ammo.

 Federal .223 ammunition is produced through american eagle, the main producer of ammunition for the u.s. army. Although federal logo ammunition is advertised as less expensive exercise ammunition, it plays on par with different extra luxurious manufacturers.

 This 1,000 spherical bulk ammo packaging lets in customers to in addition lessen their fee at the same time as on the identical time making sure they have got masses of ammunition accessible for his or her subsequent variety day. Reloaders will revel in the reality that the primary run brass instances may be correctly reloaded as much as 7 times.  load up for all-day education sessions, or upload a few more ammo for your emergency stockpile with federal® american eagle® .223 rem 55gr fmjbt ammo from gunmag warehouse. Favored through extent shooters and regulation enforcement education academies throughout the united states and designed to supply high-quality accuracy and constant overall performance at an low-cost rate, this bulk ammo percent capabilities clean-burning powders and components, packed in premium, reloadable brass casings for dependable and constant overall performance, at the same time as non-corrosive primers supply dependable ignition and most advantageous pressures for stepped forward area overall performance beneathneath stress. A hundred rounds.

Buy American Eagle .223 ammunition gives constant, correct overall performance at a rate that’s best for high-extent capturing. The masses function excellent bullets, reloadable brass instances and reliable primers.


·         Ideal for goal exercise

·         Accurate and dependable

·         Consistent primers and brass

·         Specifications:

·         Item number: ae223bk

·         Caliber: 223 rem

·         Bullet weight: fifty five grain

·         Bullet style: full metal jacket boat-tail

·         Package quantity: a thousand rounds

·         Muzzle velocity: 3240fps

·         Ballistic coefficient: .269

·         Bullet length: 0.735″

·         Usage: target shooting

American eagle .223 cartridge | ammo review: federal american eagle .223 fmj | federal american eagle .223

Although the grain weight and cartridge look are similar to older american eagle fmj i had, the packaging in this one become pretty one of a kind. The history is olive drab and “223 rem” is outlined at the aspect in army stencil font.

Maybe that is a one of a kind ammo recipe, i notion to myself as i loaded up for a few plinking on a blustery october morning. The wind become blowing so tough throughout the increased capturing platform, i may want to sense a chilly region putting in only above my knee socks. The desirable news — it become simplest approximately a quarter-price wind in terms of the collection of metallic objectives located at numerous distances below. I settled in in the back of my ar, an amazing piece of gadget through battle rifle company, crowned through a lucid l7 scope. Both had been formerly reviewed in this website. The ipsc-kind 200-backyard goal regarded large as a volkswagen with the scope at 3x power. Pinnnnng. That become too easy.

Bullet trajectory

Buy American Eagle .223 : A little adjustment of purpose delivered the 300-backyard goal into view. It took photographs to decide a windage preserve, and after some desirable hits in this smaller (actually and in my area of view) metallic, i determined to address the 525-backyard goal, a putting 10-inch plate. Now, this become a challenge. With a pair unlucky gusts affecting bullet trajectory, it took at the least seven photographs to determine out a preserve that worked. For some minutes, i felt pissed off and mad at myself for losing ammunition. And then, it got here together. Eight of the subsequent 10 photographs rang the metallic at 525 yards.

American Eagle .223

Bullet trajectory | ammo review: federal american eagle .223 fmj | federal american eagle .223

Granted, i’d now no longer examined this pretty new gun at that distance. But 525 yards is pushing the bounds of the .223 caliber. This aggregate of rifle, scope, and american eagle ammunition become rather on point. I become surprised at the convenience with which this pretty less expensive load become displaying match-grade overall performance. On the experience home, my toes and fingers have been nonetheless cold however this new issue of affection for my ar’s overall performance made it an ideal day. A couple weeks later, a colleague placed me, the usage of the identical gun, optic, and ammunition, thru daylight hours and dim-mild carbine qualifications, the identical check he makes use of for certifying regulation enforcement officers. While the 70-yards-and-much less distances aren’t surely a check of ammunition accuracy, the speedy firing sequences and common reloads at the clock are a check of its functionality.

Buy American Eagle .223 : Again, american eagle fifty five grain fmj stood as much as the task, supporting me earn a ninety seven at the day shoot – a mirrored image of now no longer understanding my 15-backyard holdover earlier than that moment, and an ideal rating at the night time qual. But i become nonetheless wondering, now extra than ever — had federal tweaked this load someway to make it better?

Bullet trajectory | ammo review: federal american eagle .223 fmj | federal american eagle .223

The ever-beneficial federal ammunition rep, jared hinton of vista outdoors, become the apparent man or woman to query. I requested him if the brand new container is indicative of modifications to the antique formula. No, he said. Turns out, federal prints one of a kind containers for one of a kind customers. The od container is walmart’s layout; different stores like bass pro shops have their personal layout as well. The distinction is simplest pores and skin deep.

This spherical gives ammunition made through the identical manufacturing facility that the u.s. army relies upon on (lake city) at a significantly decreased rate. Perfect for goal exercise or education. Each federal .223 rem 55 gr fmj bt spherical is american-made and consists of a lead center 55-grain full metal jacket boattail bullet, non-corrosive boxer primer, and contemporary first run brass casing.

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