H&K G36 SL8 to real G36 professional conversion

HK’s SL8 – The Civilian Version of the World Famous G36.

Buy HK’s SL8 Online : Rising from the grave of HK’s hallowed Gray Room, the SL8 has back to us over a decade later now with present day production upgrades and the traditional, dependable layout!

Originally added in 1999, the SL8 is the kid of HK’s G36 which has been utilized in pretty actually dozens of militaries across the globe. In a time in which firearms of a tactical kind are below hearthplace from each nook imaginable, HK has long past towards the present day to carry to us the SL8!

Being the kid of the G36, the SL8 may be very comparable wearing the various benefits that include the G36 including the usage of long lasting artificial materials, along with the receiver. The bolt meeting and barrel account for maximum of the steel withinside the G36 rifle, making it and the civilian counterpart, the SL8, light-weight and really corrosion resistant.

Designed for precision taking pictures the SL8 functions a hard-chrome plated and cold-hammer solid barrel with a recessed crown. It would not forestall there, the free-floating bull barrel is product of HK’s world-famend cannon grade metal and functions a 1-in-7 twist.

In regard to the motion, the SL8 using a short-stroke fueloline piston which became later featured withinside the HK416 and guarantees smooth, clean, dependable operation. The gun is chambered best for .223 Remington and employs a single-stack polymer mag that accepts 10 rounds. The cause is as you will anticipate breaking at kind of 5 kilos with little to no takeup making an allowance for controlled, secure hearthplace.

One of the main “eye-catchers” of the SL8 is it is unconventional inventory layout which surely permits the gun to take a seat down with no trouble withinside the hand mainly withinside the location simply in the front of the mag nicely in which the middle of stability is located. Moreover, the gun rests smooth at the bench with out rolling. The rear inventory is likewise adjustable with the buttplate being capable of slide inside and outside with the choice of including or disposing of spacers. The cheekpiece is likewise installed to 2 threaded metal inserts which permit the person to gain the precise top they desire.


Caliber: .223 Remington

Length: 38.6 in

Height: 9.84 in

Barrel Length: 20.eight in

Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds

Trigger Pull: 4.five lbs

Return Travel: .23 in

Barrel Profile/Twist: 6 grooves, right-hand twist

Weight: eight.6 lbs


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Buy HK’s SL8 Online

H&K has in no way made a real G36 rifle to be had to civilians withinside the USA mainly because of import policies and what I expect might be a loss of demand (shall we face it, your common customer is glad with one of the many AR versions which have taken over the semi-automated five.fifty six rifle marketplace). However withinside the 90’s to conform with the 1989 import ban on foreign “attack weapons” and the now expired 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, H&K got here up with an concept to marketplace a brand new wearing rifle called the SL8 that became a cousin of the G36. The rifle functioned thru the identical running machine however regarded an entire lot much less frightening and an entire lot greater like an antique IBM laptop keyboard:

H&K G36 SL8 to real G36 professional conversion

While H&K did subsequently provide the gun in black, the reality remained that despite the fact that the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban expired, the ’89 ban persists to this day. The now discontinued SL8 became in no way a huge supplier due in component to its excessive fee tag and the reality that it’s miles a neutered model of a neat rifle, however the HK community (an mainly cunning bunch) observed a manner to show this horse designed with the aid of using committee into what they wanted: a G36 rifle.

Now I offered an SL8 on September 17th, 2011 for the fee of $1600 new withinside the field from my favored nearby gun shop. I knew right away that the rifle might be converted, so I in no way even shot the gun in inventory SL8 form. Here she is the day I were given her laid out throughout my storage floor:

The conversion is a number of the maximum complicated gunsmithing tasks I had ever undertaken, because it calls for a widespread quantity of plastic welding (a talent I lack each the understanding and equipment to perform) and so the toughest component is changing to take double stack magazines and welding on a g36 rear receiver stub. The SL8 has a segment of the receiver indented as a way to save you the insertion of the double stacks. Also, the sl8 bolt head has a slanted lug so as to now no longer feed from double stacks, so that you want a g36 bolt.

To begin the system I ordered:

G36 Bolt Head- US HDPS Manufacture

G36 30 Round Mags

HK G36 High Capacity Mag Well- Black

Stock Block For HK SL8 Conversions (to shoot it earlier than I did the rear of the receiver)

Buy HK’s SL8 Online Rear Stock Axle Pin For SL8 To G36 Stock Conversion

G36 FBI (0,1,) Lower HK German New

G36 Recoil meeting

G36 & HK SL8 Sight Rail With Front & Rear Sights

HK G36, G36K Full Size Folding Stock

The Good:

Shoots great! Very dependable and the cause may be very good

The twin optic may be very neat and has a constructed in variety finder and a pleasant reticle

Very low draw back impulse

Fully ambidextrous

Light for its length and barrel length

Feels very stable for a plastic gun

Turns heads and generates traffic

Fine asset to any series

The Bad:

The eye remedy and FOV at the twin optic are terrible!

The battery for the purple dot is proprietary

The particular draw back impulse has levels comparable to a SCAR (strange to explain however very weird)

Magazines are proprietary and may be expensive (albeit Magpul now makes g36 mags)

It isn’t and could in no way be a actual G36 rifle

The Ugly:

The fee tag. I actually have about $4500 into this gun

Time to completion; This undertaking has taken me years to finish because of turnaround instances and elements acquisition

The G36 became designed withinside the mid-Nineties and widespread with the aid of using Germany’s protection forces in 1997 to update the growing older 7.sixty two NATO-chambered G3 conflict rifle. Though it in no way won a widespread footprint withinside the U.S. law-enforcement marketplace in which the AR-15/M16 dominate, the G36 is utilized by authorities businesses in greater than forty countries. Despite its far-flung presence, however, it’s miles best made with the aid of using H&K in Germany and licensees in Spain and Saudi Arabia.

The G36 is made in standard, compact and kurz (or short) configurations with some subvariants primarily based totally particularly at the form of attractions included. A belt-fed model became additionally made. The G36’s barreled motion became additionally included into the XM8 collection of selective-hearthplace rifles that the U.S. Army evaluated in 2003-2005 as a alternative for the M16 collection rifles and in the end dropped from consideration.

Military small palms have a existence cycle depending on revel in solid via the crucible of war, and the G36 became no exception after reviews surfaced in 2012 in the course of combating in Afghanistan that its accuracy considerably degraded whilst the rifle became heated from sustained firing or environmental conditions. This brought on a look for a brand new rifle in 2015 that stays ongoing.

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