H&K G36SL8 to real G36 professional conversion



This is a real G36 semi auto conversion. I’ll include all original SL8 parts with new G36C parts. Comes with new HK bag and all extras.

Buy HK’s SL8 Online : Rising from the grave of HK’s hallowed Gray Room, the SL8 has back to us over a decade later now with present day production upgrades and the traditional, dependable layout!

Originally added in 1999, the SL8 is the kid of HK’s G36 which has been utilized in pretty actually dozens of militaries across the globe. In a time in which firearms of a tactical kind are below hearthplace from each nook imaginable, HK has long past towards the present day to carry to us the SL8!

Being the kid of the G36, the SL8 may be very comparable wearing the various benefits that include the G36 including the usage of long lasting artificial materials, along with the receiver. The bolt meeting and barrel account for maximum of the steel withinside the G36 rifle, making it and the civilian counterpart, the SL8, light-weight and really corrosion resistant.

Buy HK’s SL8 Online : Designed for precision taking pictures the SL8 functions a hard-chrome plated and cold-hammer solid barrel with a recessed crown. It would not forestall there, the free-floating bull barrel is product of HK’s world-famend cannon grade metal and functions a 1-in-7 twist.

In regard to the motion, the SL8 using a short-stroke fueloline piston which became later featured withinside the HK416 and guarantees smooth, clean, dependable operation. The gun is chambered best for .223 Remington and employs a single-stack polymer mag that accepts 10 rounds. The cause is as you will anticipate breaking at kind of 5 kilos with little to no takeup making an allowance for controlled, secure hearthplace.

One of the main “eye-catchers” of the SL8 is it is unconventional inventory layout which surely permits the gun to take a seat down with no trouble withinside the hand mainly withinside the location simply in the front of the mag nicely in which the middle of stability is located. Moreover, the gun rests smooth at the bench with out rolling. The rear inventory is likewise adjustable with the buttplate being capable of slide inside and outside with the choice of including or disposing of spacers. The cheekpiece is likewise installed to 2 threaded metal inserts which permit the person to gain the precise top they desire.



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