New! Volquartsen UltraLite Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle With Thumbhole Stock


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Designed for competition shooters, the Volquartsen® UltraLite Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle with Thumbhole Stock is a feature-rich platform, offering match-grade accuracy in an ultralightweight package. Shipped standard from the factory with a lightweight, laminated thumbhole stock, this rifle offers attractive stability, comfort, and optimal control. The tensioned, carbon-fiber wrapped THM UltraLite™ barrel boasts superb accuracy with minimal weight, while an anodized aluminum forward blow compensator virtually eliminates recoil for fast follow-up shots. The aluminum receiver boasts an integrated 1913 Picatinny rail, readily accepting a variety of optics, while the lightweight 2.25lb. TG2000 trigger offers consistent, steady, dependable performance. The Volquartsen UltraLite is the “next level” in performance rimfire rifles, offering sub-MOA performance in an incredibly light semi-auto package.
Manufacturer model #: VCU-LR-R-LTH.

  • Tensioned, carbon-fiber wrapped THM UltraLite™ barrel
  • Laminated thumbhole stock
  • Anodized aluminum receiver
  • Aluminum compensator
  • Light TG2000 trigger group
  • Sub-MOA accuracy


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